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Ignazio è un genio. È istintiva la sua capacità di far uscire il glamour che c'è in ogni donna.

Nessuno crea il biondo come Ignazio - è un vero alchimista!

My mother first treated me to a hair cut at Ignazio's a few year's back. I've been back to him ever since. He always gives such a great cut, that you can rely on every time. The best thing is that it is such a good cut that it grows with style.

Katrina Manson, 26, journalist

What do you appreciate about Ignazio? Ignazio! Hairdresser extraordinaire! As soon as his hands are on your head your haircut is all that matters and he always does a fantastic job. He is highly intuitive and an artist. The conversation and the relaxed atmosphere add to the artistry.

Barbara Dale, Psychotherapist

Ignazio is a maestro of glam hair!

Paula Christian

I have had my hair cut by the leading hairdressers in London and Ignazio rates among the very best. He also genuinely cares about his clients.

Vicki Mackenzie

I have been a devotee of Ignazio Sulas for over a decade. I will travel miles to his salon to be sure of getting the quality of treatment I have come to rely on. At Inspiration, I know I am going to get the best long lasting hair cut, and colour that gives my hair a natural looking depth, shine and real life again. Nobody does it better. When my hair can look this good, I feel great.

Lorna Dane

Instinctive feel for peoples personalties, you help clients to express themselves through their image including hair as part of there general persona.

Margaret Poplett

I have my hair done by Ignazio at Inspiration because he always gets it right. I always feel so much better about myself, and my appearance after a visit to Inspiration. When I go, I am so relaxed that I can close my eyes and fall asleep. Enormously professional and talented, always kind and considerate, I would recommend Ignazio to any one. I have been going to inspiration for 16 years and now my daughter goes to him.

Janet Manson

High professional hairdresser with an unique, creative and sophisticated style. Ignazio's technique measures his enormous success and popularity. An indispensable hair care artist.

Maggie Purcell