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Ignazio Sulas was born in a small Sardinian village, where his parents ran a bar-cum-grocery store. His artistry and passion for hairdressing can be traced back to those early days, playing make-believe games with his sisters, styling their hair and make up and creating fantastic costumes. Bowing to parental pressure, however, he studied accountancy at college, while secretly moonlighting as a hairdresser's assistant in the afternoon.

By the time he graduated from college, he was also a qualified hairdresser and worked in salons in Rome, Florence, Milan, Paris and Munich, adding the gloss of international style to the solid base of precision cutting that he had learnt in Sardinia. When he finally put down roots in London in the 1980s, he reacted against the punk aesthetic of the time and began to develop what was to become his signature style of a softer, elegant look based on the natural shine and beauty of hair in optimum condition.

It is this combination of technical skill and artistic vision that has made him a firm favourite with serious actors such as Joely and Natasha Richardson, high profile business executives and women in politics, and earned him a loyal client following in his adopted home town of Chiswick. Ignazio has been able to combine his work with raising funds for Unicef, a cause close to his heart, and often travels to the States to work with his clients' hair when they are filming. In a case of art imitating life, he even played himself in a cameo role alongside Vanessa Redgrave in The Fever, a film by Carlo Nero.

But he has not forgotten the place where it all started: eight years ago he opened a salon in Porto San Paolo, managed by his sister Greca, which caters for an exclusive international clientele holidaying on the Costa Smeralda. What better way to honour those make-believe games of childhood?

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